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Net Zero Doorway

The Net Zero conversation is a relatively new addition to the larger climate change mitigation conversation. It originated with the “negative emissions” math needed to achieve a 1.5o C or 2o C target at the societal level, and transitioned from there to the same kind of corporate targets characterized originally by the Science Based Targets inititive.

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Timely Questions

There are big questions associated with the entire Net Zero movement. The list below is by no means intended to be comprehensive. Our goal is primarily to flag the range of topics and questions currently in play, and to perhaps raise some questions that users might not have considered, but that might contribute to finding actionable knowledge.

  • Does the framework of “net anthropogenic emissions” hold water as climate change progresses and positive feedbacks kick in?
  • What are the scientific and climate sensitivity assumptions required for Net Zero?
  • Do corporate Net Zero commitments represents the “Fallacy of Division?”
  • How important are negative emissions to achieving 1.5o or 2o C targets?
  • Are Net Zero targets by 2050 good or bad for climate change mitigation?
  • Where on the continuum from Evidence-Based, to Greenwishing, and ultimate Greenwashing decision-making do Net Zero targets fall?
  • What role will offsets play in achieving Net Zero targets?
  • What role can Nature Based Solutions play in achieving Net Zero targets?

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Timely Resources

Included here are links to a small subset of resources specific to this Doorway. Right-clicking on the links will usually go directly to the on-line story, bypassing the Climate Web itself (although that’s where they’re all organized). Note that what’s listed here represents just the smallest sliver of the topical information organized in the Climate Web. If the stories seem a bit dated, we apologize. We’re constantly trying to update these Doorways, but we do fall behind. Feel free to send us a note through the contact form at right requesting an update!

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Pre-Set Search Strings

Pre-set search strings are intended to help you explore the latest information on a topic, and to stay current with relevant sub-topics. Topical pre-set search strings in the Climate Web can include: Twitter Hashtag Searches, Google Searches, Google Scholar Searches, Google Image Searches, YouTube Searches, Vimeo Searches, Searches, Reddit Searches, DeepDyve Searches (professional journals). They’re a great way to supplement the curated knowledge in the Climate Web. You can see how pre-set search terms work in this 1 minute video

Here are some of the pre-set search strings the Climatographers have found to be relevant to this Topical Doorway. Unfortunately, you can’t tell exactly where the search is going from the links below, even though it’s obvious if you’re accessing these search terms in the Climate Web itself. In fact, all you have to do is hover your mouse over a search string to have it automatically execute on your screen. They’re a bit time saver.

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Accessing the Climate Web

This Topical Doorway has pointed you to a lot of topical resources. Since the Climate Web is open-access on-line, you’re free to explore these resources there. But as discussed above, on-line access is not an efficient way to leverage the Climate Web. The desktop and mobile versions are much more flexible, powerful and at least 500% faster when it comses to exploring the Climate Web (a function of TheBrain software itself).

If you want to take advantage of the Climate Web we strongly recommend taking advantage of the ability to download it, whether through our Your Climate Brain or Premium Access. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective we’ve made these options as a way to leverage thousands of hours climate knowledge curation, but if they are still financially out of reach please contact us through the contact form at right to explore a free license.

Premium Topical Roadmaps are also an option for exploring topics in more depth, and they can be used even in the on-line version of the Climate Web. Representing hundreds of hours of research and knowledge curation, Premium Roadmaps link together together explanatory materials, topical headings, individual reports, news stories, videos, websites, and curated topical dashboards to explore a topic in depth, even including links to individual ideas and graphics extracted from a wide range of key sources.

Premium Roadmaps tell the story of a topic in far more detail than a Topical Doorway like this one. To clearly see the differences between a Topical Doorway and a Premium Topical Roadmap, you can take a look at both versions for “Under-Estimating Climate Risks:”

Another option you have to access topical knowledge in the Climate Web is to work directly with the Climatographers. We can deliver uniquely cost-effective customized briefings, webinars, E-courses, and more for utilizing the topical knowledge curated in the Climate Web To learn more about topical briefings, for example, take a look at our Climate Briefings page.

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